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Plain Old Telephone Service

What is POTS? Have you heard of it or come across the term before? If you were born before the 90’s there’s a big chance POTS was a part of your everyday life. POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service and was the phone line technology most of us grew up with at home. POTS was the most common and fastest way for people to...

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Elevators and Blue Light Emergency Systems

Why Cellular Connections Work Best   Phone line connections are critical in the case of an emergency. They ensure that uninterrupted contact is established between the distressed party and responders. In fact, the very idea of effective rescue deployment hinges upon the dependability of these phone connections.   Now that traditional analog copper phone lines (otherwise known as plain old phone lines) are being phased out, companies are looking...

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POTSreplacement delivers brand-new, super-reliable LTE Connections for a low monthly fee.

For generations, America's analog phone lines network - the country-spanning copper-wire landline connections for the first iteration of mass telephone communication - served the population ably. Through those copper wires, you, your parents, and your grandparents dialed long-distance, "dialed down the middle," ordered pizza, chatted with friends, called 1-800 numbers, and much more. The development of the phone system is a testament to American ingenuity,...

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POTSreplacement delivers brand-new, super-reliable LTE Connections for a low monthly fee. LTE

Plain Old Telephone Service Lines Explained   In an era where more businesses are relying on modern telephone systems like VoIP, the term POTS probably isn't thrown around a lot. But in laymen's terms, POTS, or "plain old telephone service" lines, are the traditional landline phone system that relies on physical copper wires for service. So What is POTS? POTS networks were created to facilitate voice communication since the...

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